Creative Interventions Toolkit

Pages from Cover-and-TOC_FINALCreative Interventions Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Stop Interpersonal Violence

Creative Interventions (CI) started in 2004 in Oakland as a national resource center to create and promote community-based interventions to interpersonal violence. CI and our partners developed a toolkit to promote a community-based approach to ending interpersonal violence. Organizations that deal with domestic violence and sexual assault generally view violence as an individual problem or rely on the police and criminal justice system as a solution. We wanted to turn back to our communities and strengthen community-based systems to resist violence in all of its forms.

Download the toolkit below!

ENTIRE TOOLKIT – If you want to download the entire Toolkit in one document (WARNING: close to 622 pages)

To download the entire Toolkit in one document, click here.


Cover and Table of Contents, to download, click here.

Preface and Acknowledgements, to download, click here.

Section 1. Introduction,  to download, click here.

Section 2. Getting Started: Some Basics Everyone Should Know, to download, click here.

Section 3. Model Overview: Is It Right for You?, to download, click here.

Section 4. Tools to Mix and Match (please note that each subsection of Section 4 is downloadable separately)

Section 4.0. Introduction to Tools, to download, click here.

Section 4.A. Getting Clear, to download, click here.

Section 4.B. Staying Safe, to download, click here.

Section 4.C. Mapping Allies and Barriers, to download, click here.

Section 4.D. Goal Setting, to download, click here.

Section 4.E. Supporting Survivors or Victims, to download, click here.

Section 4.F. Taking Accountability, to download, click here.

Section 4.G. Working Together, to download, click here.

Section 4.H. Keeping on Track, to download, click here.

Section 5. More Resources, to download, click here.

Thank you for being part of the movement to end violence!

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Toolkit or its use, please let us know at

If you want to document your successes (and less than successes that might be useful and informative for people), we encourage you to share your stories through the StoryTelling & Organizing Project at •

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