According to The Revolution Starts at Home Collective, community accountability is “any strategy to address violence, abuse, or harm that creates safety, justice, reparations, and healing without relying on police, prisons, childhood protection services, or any other state systems.” Extending principles of liberatory community engagement from our most intimate relationships to broader political action requires opportunities for us to develop, share, and reflect on many strategies, models, and imaginaries.

This is a space to create an online collective knowledge base and resource center for community-based responses to violence. It’s a resistance to the prison nation and the global lockdown. A commitment to survivors of violence and to the transformation of violence. A reflection of community practice, insight, and ingenuity. A practical space for tools, contacts, and resources, and a creative space to develop our imagination for doing the critical anti-violence work that we urgently need to do.

This website is organized by Clarissa Rojas, Alisa Bierria, and Mimi Kim, INCITE! members and editors of Community Accountability: Emerging Movements to Transform Violence.  We wanted to create a site to make this collection accessible on the web and also to share community accountability and transformative justice resources to support people responding to and transforming violence in their communities.

You can contact us at commaccblog@gmail.com.

The art featured on the column to the right is by Cristy C. Road.

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